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In Italy you look at all types of shopping. If you are interested in shopping for clothes, jewellery, cars, scooters, furnishing, fashion, shoes, and so on, Italy is where you’ll find all the products you need and buy in unison with the Italian Style, known throughout the world. Especially in the big cities, Italy offers a huge range of possibilities. If you are looking for ways to pass an enjoyable evening.
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Rome: Rome is situated on the west in the central Italy. Whole Europe is known for its historical monuments and buildings, so is the Rome which is the capital of Italy. Main tourist attractions of Rome include beautiful fountains, churches that are known for their architecture and museums. New Rome is full of excellent restaurants with a great nightlife for tourists. One fountain that is among the top list of Rome is the “Trevi Fountain” that is the wishing fountain of Rome. One can see a lo...
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Cinque Terre translates literally to “five lands” in Italian, but really describes the five villages which lie along the Ligurian coast line in the north west portion of Italy. Before going there, I was unable to find very many up-to-date resources about hiking the Cinque Terre. This article serves to outline one of the best ways to see the five villages by foot. The hike isn’t challenging, but could prove to be difficult at certain points. Recent developments have changed the pa...
Published by Matthew DiMaggio 70 months ago in Italy | +0 votes | 0 comments
In the Northwest corner of Italy lies a vast expanse of mountainous land that has not been affected by the tourist trade as much as Venice, Tuscany, Rome, and Amalfi. The untouched Province of Imperia in the Liguria region offers some interesting towns worth exploring on any trip between France and Italy. This article exhibits several of the most beautiful of such communes in the region.
Published by Matthew DiMaggio 70 months ago in Italy | +3 votes | 2 comments
Vatican City is a must see before leaving Rome, Italy. While in Rome, there are numerous places to see that are not only educational, but fun as well.
Published by Linda Smith 71 months ago in Italy | +3 votes | 0 comments
The 21st century Titanic, the Costa Concordia, ran aground off the island of Giglio on the 13th January 2012. This happened nearly 100 years after the tragedy of the RMS Titanic on the 14th April 1912.
Published by Braden Galea 71 months ago in Italy | +3 votes | 3 comments
The Monterosa ski area is a little-known but wide ski region having considerable appeal and charm.
Published by ecapz 72 months ago in Italy | +1 votes | 0 comments
Florence is one of the top travel destinations in Italy, and here are some tips for visiting Florence, Italy.
Published by Margie Miklas 78 months ago in Italy | +11 votes | 5 comments
Solo travel may not be for everyone but it is a great alternative if you want to travel and cannot find someone to travel with you. Follow these tips on solo travel and your trip to Italy will be a trip of a lifetime.
Published by Margie Miklas 78 months ago in Italy | +6 votes | 3 comments
Some examples of the Italian laws about driving and road usage, including what the Italians really do in their cars.
Published by Jill Vance 78 months ago in Italy | +6 votes | 7 comments
There are far too many silly and incredible Italian laws to put into one article – even one book would not hold them – but this is a few of them. They may make you laugh, they may seem unbelievable, or if you are Italian they will just seem part of normal life.
Published by Jill Vance 79 months ago in Italy | +3 votes | 3 comments
A Review of the MAXXI in Rome. This article discusses the architecture, art and more.
Published by Levi Sherman 80 months ago in Italy | +0 votes | 0 comments
If you see a person hitch-hiking, you never know who they are. It might be a famous, important person you give a lift to.
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Italy is a land of art, history, culture. Tourism is the country's leading industry.
Published by lucia anna 82 months ago in Italy | +24 votes | 17 comments
Odd bits of little known trivia and just some plain fun Facts about Italy. The number that brings bad luck, the designer who designed the Air Force uniforms, a restaurant with a long waiting list and other bits and pieces.
Published by Jill Vance 83 months ago in Italy | +5 votes | 2 comments
The Medici fortress in Volterra, Tuscany is a maximum-security prison, where the meal is handled, prepared and served by thirty of its one hundred fifty inmates.
Published by Athena Goodlight 83 months ago in Italy | +5 votes | 1 comments
Here are the correct answers, marked with an asterisk, to the quiz of your knowledge of Italy.
Published by lucia anna 83 months ago in Italy | +16 votes | 4 comments
A few tips to help travellers enjoy their holiday in Italy. These range from eating in Italy to travelling in Italy, and many others in between.
Published by Jill Vance 84 months ago in Italy | +3 votes | 2 comments
Baroque is a style of architecture that began in the late sixteenth century in Italy, but spread around the world to become the first truly global artistic movement. Examples can be found from South America to Russia, but Baroque emerged from the Catholic countries of Europe, where it was used to express the triumph of the Church.
Published by MJ5446 85 months ago in Italy | +19 votes | 8 comments
Here is an article about the less obvious places to visit which are off the beaten track in Rome, Italy.
Published by Christopher McPhail 85 months ago in Italy | +23 votes | 5 comments
Many travelers discover the variety of tourist attractions which this charming region offers : the trulli, castles, cathedrals, baroque towns, olive trees, grottoes, the Sanctuary of Padre Pio, beautiful beaches, an excellent climate with plenty of sunshine and one of the most popular cuisines of the world. No matter where you are in Puglia; you are always near to a beach of sea with blue crystal clear water.
Published by Erik Van Tongerloo 93 months ago in Italy | +38 votes | 20 comments
The famous Carthusian Monastery atop the Vomero Hill houses a prestigious museum presenting works of art of many centuries.
Published by Francois Hagnere 95 months ago in Italy | +14 votes | 9 comments
Florence is the capital of Tuscany, one of the most beloved regions in Italy and located on the Arno River and at the foot of the Apennines. This city is undoubtedly a highlight of art and culture in the region Tuscany and can be considered as one of the most visited places by tourists in Italy.
Published by Erik Van Tongerloo 95 months ago in Italy | +22 votes | 19 comments
It takes several days to discover all the beauties these gardens have to offer with a sumptuous décor and 7,000 species of plants.
Published by Francois Hagnere 95 months ago in Italy | +10 votes | 10 comments
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